Thursday, 16 April 2020 14:52

How to choose a swimsuit to emphasize the advantages and hide the figure flaws?

Swimsuit Swimsuit

Millions of women on the eve of the summer season in their native country are tormented by the need to choose several models of beachwear among the variety of costumi da bagno presented in stores. For holidays in Thailand or Turkey, it is also required to have at least one decent option in the suitcase for a spectacular access to the beach, and on such holidays you can be broken in any month.

Of course, everyone wants the chosen model not only to be stylish and fashionable and to look good on the mannequin in the store — it also needs to be pleasing to the eye on her own body, uplifting, showing the figure favorably and attracting attention in a good way. Therefore, to choose the color of a swimsuit, its style and size is not always easy, especially if you have absolutely no idea where to start. Moreover, today in the market of fashionable clothes there is a huge variety of swimwear styles.

Types of swimsuits

Answering the question how to choose the right swimsuit, it is important to understand what you choose from — and this implies familiarity with fashionable terminology. Swimwear are of the following types:

  • monokini — a continuous version of a swimsuit, similar to melting and bodice, interconnected by a piece of fabric;

  • Bando — strapless swimsuit, which is solid and separate;

  • tankini — a separate swimsuit, where the bodice replaces the elongated top;

  • halter — swimsuit solid or separate, but always with straps, which are tied at the neck;

  • Bikini — a popular split swimsuit that opens up the body as much as possible;

  • mayo is a closed swimsuit with a cutout of any shape and attached straps.

As you can see, the range is very wide. Therefore, when choosing a swimsuit style, do not forget to take into account your type of figure, its size and purpose.

How to choose a swimsuit on the type of figure?

The figures, as we know, are different for all women, and a properly selected beach look can emphasize dignity and hide the excess, completely transforming any girl or woman. We’ll talk about individual features a little later, — in any case, your body type is close to one of the four identified by scientists. To choose a swimsuit on the figure, you need to understand what type it belongs.


A decent-sized chest, rounded feminine thighs and a pronounced slender waist are what distinguishes such a physique and makes it desirable for most women. The harmonious ratio of sizes allows its owners almost not to think about what you need to choose a swimsuit — they are all. However, some models of swimsuits can ruin even this harmony, so these girls are better to choose the classic fused and separate models without pronounced patterns and large decorative elements, especially in the waist — then the proportions of the body will not be distorted. For owners of a large bust, the “taboo subject” is a gang.

Pear shape

Which swimsuit to choose for a small chest and a bulk bottom? This combination looks very feminine, but spoiling such a triangle is worth nothing. How to choose the right swimsuit on the type of shape “triangle”? What color of swimsuit to choose? Pay attention to the separate models with a bright bodice and subdued color of the bottom (it should be melting or strings — in no case shorts!) — so you will distract the attention of tourists from a bit heavy bottom. It is better if the swimsuit is solid, and the bodice is decorated with decorative roses or rhinestones and has a V-shaped neckline.

If you have small breasts and wide hips, choose a bright bodice with an original finish that draws attention to the upper body.

Inverted Triangle

How to choose a swimsuit on the figure, which implies that her owner has shoulders visually much wider than her hips? It is necessary to draw attention to the lower part of the body, distracting the eye from the width of the shoulders, especially since women of this type usually have beautiful long legs. Here is a swimsuit to choose for wide shoulders and relatively narrow hips: with wide straps, unusual ties and vertical stripes at the top of the swimsuit. They are ideal for visual improvement of the figure.