Thursday, 16 July 2020 15:41

Disadvantages of electric scooters

Best electric scooter for heavy adults  Best electric scooter for heavy adults 

Although they seem an ideal solution for daily walks, electric scooters also have some disadvantages.

While people understand and approve the advantages, we chose to mention a few drawbacks, especially to dismantle certain myths and find the right solution for anyone who wants an electric scooter.


The high price is one of the main disadvantages of electric scooter, it is sometimes an obstacle for many of us. Electric scooters are expensive, especially high-quality ones. The reason for this high price is the battery. Batteries are expensive and difficult to produce, so electric scooters equipped with original batteries such as Samsung will have a high price.

Buying an electric scooter is influenced by a realistic analysis of how you travel and how much you are willing to spend. This problem of high cost can be solved by using cheaper scooters, not necessarily underperforming, but with reduced options.

Travel on short distances

If you have less than a kilometer of walking a day, the option of an expensive electric scooter does not make sense. If you want to buy a scooter for occasional trips, it is good to choose a simpler model, which is cheaper. Since you only have one kilometer to travel, it will be enough for you. If you have more than 7-8 kilometers a day, a scooter is an optimal solution.

A scooter ride can be a more reliable, faster and more comfortable alternative than a car ride, due to the increasingly crowded traffic. The disadvantage occurs over long distances. The battery is not capable of sustaining tens of kilometers every day, so it is not a good idea if you have to cover long distances every day. Best electric scooter for heavy adults from Smart Balance

Low speed

Not all electric scooters have low speeds but must reach a maximum of 25km / h. This speed is enough for short distances, but compared to a scooter or motorcycle is a disadvantage. The lack of bike lanes and direct traffic in low-speed traffic can be a difficulty, so consider carefully which route you approach with an electric scooter.

Charging the battery

Charging the battery of an electric scooter takes longer compared to a conventional power supply. This is a disadvantage of many models. Battery life, even Samsung, remains a long one. However, a large capacity battery will help you travel safely for several kilometers and can be left charging overnight.

The lack of electric vehicle charging stations forces us to charge the scooter at home, but probably in the future, with the popularization of electric vehicles, we will also have to charge at stations outside the home.

Despite these disadvantages, the electric scooter remains one of the most beloved and popular new means of urban travel. The disadvantages can be solved in such a way as to fully enjoy this ecological, simple, and pleasant solution for outdoor movement.