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Confirmat screws and other elements for furniture assembly

confirmat screws confirmat screws

Everyone who at least once bought furniture in a parcel, knows that along with boards and other elements you receive separately packaged components for furniture assembly.

These small details are very important, because it depends on them how functional and stable our furniture will turn out to be in everyday use. The types of these necessary fasteners are very many, one of them is confirmat screws.

Elements for furniture assembly - types

It is, of course, about those elements with the help of which you can connect together all parts of the purchased furniture. It turns out that there are quite a few of them. These include various types of connectors, as well as plugs, which definitely affect the aesthetics of the entire equipment. Among them we can distinguish nails, hooks, pegs, screws, fins, connectors, screws, screwdrivers, confirmat screws, supports, as well as drawer slides and angle brackets.

It is important to choose the right assembly elements for the furniture. Only then we have a guarantee that the furniture will be well assembled, and its use will be comfortable and failure-free. No less important is also the quality of such accessories. They can be made of very different materials, including metal, wood, stainless steel, galvanized, and even acrylic. Properly selected and used individual elements are stable and durable construction.

Confirmat screws - an extremely important type of screws

This name refers to specialized metal screws, which are used to rigidly connect two furniture boards at a right angle. They are characterized by a special cutter and their proper use is carried out with the help of an appropriate drill. It is characterized by very high structural strength.

These furniture assembly elements are available in different diameters. The most standard ones have dimensions of 6.4 mm and 7.0 mm, but a wide selection of lengths and widths allows you to choose them according to your needs and they do not always have to be the most standard ones. They may also differ in the type of socket, the most common are those with an Allen socket.

Choose good quality components for furniture assembly

Whether you buy a ready-made furniture assembly kit from a store or perhaps make it yourself, the quality of all such fittings and slides is extremely important. The stability and durability of a piece of furniture depends on these components. So try to choose those that are of good quality.

If the quality of the connectors attached to the finished set of furniture leaves a lot to be desired, it is worth supplementing these elements with better quality ones, which can be obtained in various construction and specialist stores. Thanks to this the construction of the furniture will certainly be much more solid.

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