Friday, 20 September 2019 17:39

A hospital with a 3D printing lab

3D printing lab 3D printing lab

3D printing has become increasingly popular in recent years. This technology is used in many areas, such as art, architecture, and even medicine. Many experts predict that the range of applications of 3D printing in medicine shall continue to significantly expand over the coming years. It is already used to produce artificial parts such as joint replacements for patients.

The health minister of Australia declared that the first hospital with a department using 3D printing shall be opened in 2017. Special laboratories shall be set up to print tissues and organs. If this “experiment” is successful, 3D printing will most probably be used increasingly often in other hospitals too. The use of such a solution has many advantages. If it becomes a standard in medicine, it will allow for more efficient treatment and significantly shorten the queues of people waiting for transplants.

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The world’s first biofabrication institute

The world’s first biofabrication institute is to be opened at the Queensland University of Technology. The project will enable doctors to create every element they need on the spot to save the lives of their patients. What’s more, prosthetics made in such a way shall be matched to the individual needs of the patient and perfectly fit into the skeletal system.

Printing uimplants

The laboratory is planned to occupy two floors. This is an important step towards the future. Until recently, 3D studios were treated marginally and were located in cramped spaces. They main purpose was to produce small implants. Printing specialists aim to reach the point when operating rooms are shall be equipped with a specialised printer allowing to quickly produce any needed elements. However, we will still probably have to wait many years before such a solution is introduced.