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Proxy server: concept, advantages and how to get,, pixabay

To navigate the Internet, many users want to remain anonymous, hide their location.


For this, intermediate servers are used, called the English term "proxy". It can be understood as a "deputy". Each user can get a proxy at, where there is a varied selection of addresses from different countries.

Receiving service

The servers can be free; to get the service, you just need to run a search and get a list of addresses. From this list, you can select a proxy for a specific country and enter this data into the computer settings.

The paid option requires registration on the website of the service providing services, filling in personal data, in particular, bank card numbers or e-wallet details. After payment, instructions for setting up will be sent, or a plug-in for the browser, where all the actions for communication have already been carried out, the user will only have to connect the application.

Payment is made on a monthly basis, it is possible to select addresses in several countries, all communication protocols on the Internet are supported.


When choosing a proxy, especially paid ones, you need to take into account several factors:
Private proxy or shared. In the first case, the server's IP address is used by only one user, therefore, the connection speed is stable, the volume of transmitted data does not decrease, because only the owner's traffic goes through this channel. All free options are generic, low rates for paid offers are also offered to a group of people. There may be a drop in speed, or traffic limitation by the server itself.

Static servers use one network address for the entire lifetime of the proxy. For mass mailing and advertising, you need to buy dynamic proxies, where the IP changes, the computer is more difficult to determine.

When choosing a server, you need to ensure that it supports both IPv4 and IPv6 versions.
For the most complete use of the proxy, it is necessary to support all network protocols HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5.

You need to understand that using all the maximum parameters for action through a proxy server, you will have to pay the corresponding amount. Therefore, when choosing, the purposes for which this form of Internet navigation will be used are taken into account. If you plan to use it for mass mailing, cheat indicators in social networks, you need a dynamic server, the ability to configure addresses from different regions and a wide data transmission bandwidth.

A static IP is enough for individual users. If you do not need regular observance of anonymity, only periodic bypass of locks, a free proxy will be the best choice.